Posted by: pastorafrank | October 2, 2015

Dutchman’s Woodshop

trunk 1trunk 2

Old steamer trunk makes a one of a kind coffee table mounted on reclaimed barn wood from the Sidlo homestead.

sidlo barn 1

The last barn on the Sidlo homestead, built in the 1940s utilizing lumber reclaimed from other barns in the area.  The Dutchman and his wife took this structure down and are creating numerous items from the lumber, including furniture, picture frames, decorative items, etc.




Josef and Mary Sidlo   ca 1900

They homesteaded north of Red Cloud, Nebraska beginning in 1877.




rail coffee table

Rail Coffee Table from barn roof boards and deck rail leftovers







pub table

Pub Table and Stools








plain door ckupboard 1



plain cupboard 3







4 Shelf Barnwood Cupboard




rec cab


red cab 2







Barnwood Red 3 Shelf Cupboard






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