Posted by: pastorafrank | January 16, 2014

It’s A Matter of Faith (Luana)

Just a few days ago I watched as our three pieces of luggage rolled along the conveyor with nothing but a strip of paper to let the airline personnel know that those items out of thousands had to get from Denver, USA to Hyderabad, India.  What if they were lost and eventually auctioned off on Baggage Wars to somebody who was convinced there was something valuable inside?  What if our clothes, my cosmetics, and the toys for the children just vanished?

Only fleeting musings.  I was confident the luggage would indeed go through…and it did.  No problem

We arrived at our hotel in the early morning after traveling with no sleep for over 35 hours.  Blurry-eyed, we approached the reception desk with every confidence that our reservation, made weeks ago, would result in a room for us.  But what if there were no room at the inn?

Nope.  Didn’t ever cross our minds.  The associate behind the desk even gave us an upgrade on our room with no extra charge.  No problem

The next day, after resting from our journey, we decided we should find the place where the Conference was to be held.  The sketchy information we had received via email was, well…sketchy at best.  The hotel called a cab and we climbed into a car with a complete stranger heading for parts unknown to us and, as it turned out, to him.

The crush of the traffic in this city was not new to us.  The streets have always been more than crowded.  All 8 million residents seem to be out and about, either walking, riding in auto rickshaws, cabs, cars, lorries (trucks), buses, bicycles, motorcycles, or even camels.  The half a dozen stoplights seemed inconsequential.

The daredevil thrill rides I’d seen on television the night before had nothing on this experience.  After all as we find ourselves saying to each other, a miss by an inch is still a miss.  Just honk the horn and keep on truckin’.

In my case, since I didn’t have access to the horn, I decided to focus on the sights out the side windows.  We swerved, bumped, and honked our way to the edge of the city.  After many phone calls and stops to ask directions, we made it to the Retreat Center where we were given a royal welcome.

Of course we had to return to the hotel through “rush hour” traffic and wait until Monday to make the journey again.  Hey, no problem.

Upon arriving at the Center on Monday, we were shown to our accommodations.  To comfy-conscious Americans who tend to be clean freaks the luxury room was…interesting.  Would we be bitten in the night?  Would we manage to sleep without sheets?

The room did have everything we needed, even more than we expected.  Besides, the weather was beautiful, a sunny 75 degrees, and the countryside was full of lovely vistas.  Absolutely no problem.

Nearly every moment of our days, ordinary or extraordinary, requires some measure of faith.  We just don’t think about it.  We have faith that the airlines know how to take care of our luggage, that a hotel will have a room for us, that a cab driver can navigate the mind-boggling traffic to get us to our destination, and that we can somehow survive a couple of nights outside of our comfort zone.

Seems to me we ought to be able to have faith in the mighty God of the universe for all that concerns us.  I should be ready always to say, No problem!



  1. Read through all of your posts PF and can easily say that you inspire me each time I hear from you, whether verbally or oratorically. Thank you for being a shining example of a man after God’s heart. When reading about the brother who was upset about another brother getting too much of the spotlight I thought of our very own situation about three years ago here at ABC in good old Alliance, NE. Satan really does just dress old tricks up in new clothes doesn’t he? I pray God’s blessing on your return trip and look forward to getting to see you both when you are back and rested.


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