Posted by: pastorafrank | January 16, 2014

Distributing the Leftovers

We’d brought 70 of those plastic balls that flash when they are bounced. They filled a whole suitcase. Had 18 of them left after we handed them out to our grandkids at the Retreat Center.  But we had a plan for them.

We had time to kill before our flight left for Dubai…a lot of time.  In fact, a whole day.  I spent a couple of hours writing the last two articles.  And then we carried out our plan with the balls.

On this trip we’d already heard testimonies by two people of how God used simple things to bring them to faith in Jesus.  One lady, as a teenager, began to read a New Testament that her brother brought into their Hindu home.  God used the Gospel of John to draw her to Himself. Dr Mohanan Unni, the Boston pastor we’d heard last Sunday at Centenary Baptist Church, remembered a hymn he’d heard in his youth during some dark days of depression following his college graduation.  God used that to stir his interest in Jesus.

We reminded ourselves of these things as we formed our plan.  While I was writing for the blog, Luana was writing “Jesus Loves You” on each of the balls.  We’d asked the reception desk how to put that into the native language here, and he complied by printing it out for us.  But this language uses characters, and when we looked at it we knew that one slip of the pen might convey an entirely different message.  So, she wrote in English.

We reasoned that even though the message was in English, God could use it in the life of a child…or even an adult.

kids with balls wavingArmed with this thought and carrying the bag of gifts, we headed out of the hotel, past the fence, and into the neighborhood where the pottery was located.  Word spread quickly that the two Americans were back.  A crowd of kids gathered, and Luana handed out those 18 balls.  We could have given at least twice that many.  Parents came out.  Grandmothers appeared.  I snapped photos.  We bought three pieces of pottery.

The looks on the faces of those kids were priceless.  It was one of the best experiences we’ve had over here.  And as we made our way back around the wall toward the hotel several heads appeared above, arms waved, and youthful voices shouted “Goodbye, Tata.”

May God bless that message on those flashing Dollar Tree balls.

faces over the wall


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